Webinar on June 13, 2017

After the publication of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 on February 9, 2016, the pharmaceutical companies have less than 2 years left to implement the requirements arising out of the FMD. To ensure the marketability of the medicines also after 2019, the numerous adaptions of the company's internal processes, which require a great deal of planning and time should be started now.

On June 13, 2017 from 10.30 till 11.30 a.m. CET the ACS PharmaProtect GmbH provides the opportunity to participate on the webinar „ Connect to the database system of the pharmaceutical industry? “ to learn more about the steps for a successful connection to the national verification system in Germany.

The topics of the webinar are as follows:

- Legal bases
- securPharm / ACS as the national verification system
- Connection to the ACS-MAH-system as a pre-condition for the marketability of your pharmaceutical products in Germany
- Benefits of an early connection

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The webinar is meant for all pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, which put prescription drugs into the German market, are affected by the Directive 2011/62/EU and still don’t participate in the securPharm project.

The webinar is free of charge and will be held in German.

Best regards,
Your ACS-Team

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