New release 3.0 of the MAH system still in November 2015

With the latest release of the MAH system, which will be provided in November 2015, a further milestone in the development of the database system of the pharmaceutical industry is accomplished.

The new version offers improved clarity, two language options (German and English) and extended functionalities. It supports the preparation of the MAH system to the market phase. With the optimised user interface, new inquiry options and graphic analyses you now can highlight and assay the required information more focused and efficient. The user interface can be operated intuitively and enables a quick overview of your activities. Already on the welcome page you get access to the information platform of the ACS with anti-counterfeit news.

A completely new design was developed for the graphic user interface which based on the appearance of the ACS PharmaProtect GmbH. The interface and the user manual are now available in German and English.

Reports were amended with additional graphic elements. These changes eases the presentation of the data to your management. Overviews of past events now can be shown month or week wise. Your settings for inquiries and analyses can be saved user related, and are available for future logins. The return codes, used up till now for processes and events, had been linguistically revised.

The new menu navigation allows a simple selection of processes on (production) batch and single pack level. Single events easily can be traced to particular batches. Therefore further columns for e.g. batch numbers and expiry date had been added to various reports. With the journal for time-delayed processes (e.g. upload of serial numbers) and reports of the product history you are better able to trace past events. 

For a better user comfort we added a new user friendly password administration.

Summary of the changed functions and functionalities:

  • New design
    • Complete revision of the graphic user interface
  • New menu
    • Optimized menu navigation to start processes on batch and pack level
    • Improved texts for processes and events
  • Multilingualism
    • Language choice for user interface (German, English)
    • User manual (German, English)
  • More reports
    • Graphic elements in reports
    • Survey of events on single pack level possible
    • In tables further columns for e.g. batch numbers and expiry date
    • Overviews in month or calendar weeks
    • Journal for time-delayed processes (e.g. upload of serial numbers)
    • Reports of product‘s history
  • More functions
    • New password administration
    • User related savings of filter and table settings
    • Integration of the information platform with anti-counterfeit news of ACS

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