Change in Managing Board of ACS PharmaProtect GmbH on 01.09.2018

We are pleased to inform you that we were able to win Dr. Markus Gerigk for the position of the operative Managing Director and he will strengthen our team starting from 01.09.2018. Dr. Gerigk has been active for years in the field of pharmaceutics and was most recent responsible for contracting and reporting at European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO) Brussels.

Dr. Gerigk will succeed Dr. Wolfgang Stock, who after his very successful work will leave Berlin for personal reasons and return to his hometown Cologne. We regret to lose this very engaged Managing Director and colleague and thank him sincerely for his excellent build-up work and his constant commitment for ACS PharmaProtect GmbH and securPharm e.V..

In the name of the Managing Board of ACS PharmaProtect GmbH and shareholders

Dr. Norbert Gerbsch (BPI)    Dr. Hermann Kortland (BAH)
Peter Krug (vfa)                  Gloria von Schorlemer (Pro Generika)    

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