ACS-MAH-system: Release 3.2 will be provided end of November 2016

he ACS PharmaProtect GmbH persistently works at the advancement of the database system of the pharmaceutical industry. The next release 3.2 will be rolled out end of November 2016. The modifications will be implemented in the integration and production environment.

Adjusted to your requirements and according the specifications of the Delegated Regulation various innovations and optimisations were implemented. The following items represent only a small selection of the numerous new functionalities.

  • In the new release all reports are upgraded by additional columns and filter possibilities.
  • Products can be assigned to individual users and enable the improved handling on your side and eventual necessary separation of internal processes.
  • A further feature is the testing of the degree of randomization which was determined in the Delegated Regulation EU 2016/161 with a factor of 1:10.000. In the case of a deviation of this requirement the user will be informed about this fact and can optimize his future serialization processes. 
  • In the support area of the ACS-MAH-systems the user may inform himself extensively about the topic anti-counterfeiting protection and about the functions of the ACS-MAH-system. Available is not only a searchable FAQ-area, but also training videos which show various operations in the system.  
  • Starting from the new release a qualification for new customers will be established. These can optimize their processes in a learning phase to realise an error free upload into the production environment.

The user manual of the new release 3.2 will be send before rollout to all registered users, so that they will have a chance to familiarise with the specific changes.

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